Happy Holidays

and just for the hell of it..

Beta is around the corner….

anndd…. we’re done….

Tier 1 down Day 1, 1 hour 21 min total. WORLD FIRST for Pit Fight.

and this is why we miss emotes…

Are you suffering from various levels of fuckery in raiding? Ranging from

– Raid Wipes
– Inexperienced players
– Not enough players
– Boxing the event and not having any fun

Then you are cordially invited to join the Crimson Tempest team. Here you will learn skills in Advanced Fuckery. Our dedicated players cleared all current raid events, and farming to build ourselves up for next expansion. If you are deemed worthy, have honed your fuckery skills, and after a careful review you may be invited to join the Super Advanced Fuckery of Raiding Crimson Tempest

So, what are you waiting for? Apply today!
*Books not included

Vanquisher of TOL done!
Terror of Luclin Conquered!
Terror of Luclin – Tier 2 down on day 1!
Terror of Luclin – Tier 1 down on day 1!

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