Application Information

Bard* – HighCleric* – MedSK*– MediumWarrior – Minimal
Enc – HighDruid – LowZerker* – HighNecro – High
Beast – MedShaman* – MediumRogue – MedMage – High
Ranger – MedPally – MinimalMonk – MinimalWizzy – High

Application Form

Application Requirements

  • Class 2.0 epics (see classes marked with *).
  • A shrink item or the ability to self shrink.
  • All AA except those needed for trade skills including;
    – 5/5 of the Keepers Line
    – Majority of Hero’s Fortitude/Resolution/Vitality
  • Group Progression for the current and previous 2 expansions.
  • Megadeath Achievement Line**

Application Process
The app period covers 30ish calendar days and requires 70% attendance to raids for that period. Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances and extended if necessary. Once the app period is over, raid attendance requirement returns to 60% to maintain full membership.

*Required 2.0 Epic Classes
**Once you complete the application, you will be give 6 months to complete the Megadeath Achievement Line. When you can show/link the Slayer title to a Loot Council officer, 15k DKP will be added to your pool. If the line is not completed by this time, earned dkp will be reduced by 10% until completion.